28 February, 2011

February is over already???

But where did February get too. Ok, the reason it went by so fast is because it is a short month right. Of course it is. That's the reason.

I've been keeping a low profile really. Trying to fit in a few things like the crochet, sewing & all the other things in the craft space of my brain. Unfortunately Baby Brain has taken over & the craft space part is shrinking. Oh well, I get to spend more time on the couch with the kid(s). lol BJ loves getting in cuddle time on the couch at rest time.
There was some bad weather the other weekend, so Stu along with the help of BJ got a bit of painting in. Ok, don't look too closely at the horrid orange that is our garage including the ceiling. Well actually the ceiling is whiteish now along with half the walls. Just waiting for the next weekend of rain to finish up I suppose.

I have been working on a little crochet. Just about finished the baby blanket. On the second last ball of yarn at the moment so it won't be far off so stay tuned for that one. In between I have done some dishcloths again. I have been taking these out & about & just doing them inbetween times when it is still too warm for sitting under the ever growing baby blanket. I have to edge the pink & red ones still but by needlecase had gone AWOL but I have just spotted it so can now sew the ends in & put some edges on. I am making these up for possible fundraising stall in a while. I'll see if they end up there or they will make good gifts again.

Hope all is good in your world.


Full Little Tummies said...

Oh no - not the dreaded baby brain. I am still recovering. :-)

Anonymous said...

OH Bj would love that painting walls bit!