05 March, 2011

Ta Dah, Finally....

Woo Hoo! It's done. The bubble cot blanket I started a while back if finished! It was pretty good to do really, but just time consuming as it was all single crochet rows. Hmmm... That's a lot of rows. But it came up OK I think. This was some variegated acrylic from Spotlight that I got a while back. It is Magnum Soft Touch I think so it feels quite nice. The only thing was that once I started I wondered if the bobble bits would be a nuisance for a baby if it was laying on it. Oh well, I hope it suits someone OK, when a baby arrives. I am stocking up on things for new arrivals at the moment. Seems the year for them.

This second picture shows up the bubbles a bit more than previous pics ever did. It also shows the border I did. I really wanted to do the border in a solid colour. I started in a blue that I thought matched the blue in the yarn, but having put a bit on that blue was a real baby blue. The colour in the variegation is one that if you put blue next to it it looked lavender. If you put a purple next to it it looked blue. So I had to ditch the blue. I did have a white in the yarn as well but it was such a bright white it was going to look to odd with it we decided. (We = Stuart the 2nd opinion & I. lol) I thought I had used all the yarn up but just before I finished I found another ball. I fitted it on the cot though & found it didn't need to be any longer. Lucky really as then I could use it for the border. Phew. Looks OK. The border is 2 rows of single crochet & one of the shell edging. Easy peasy & effective enough to add a bit of interest but not to frilly for a boy blanket. Yes I see this as a boy blanket. Wait till you see the yarn I have next! Now that is definitely girl yarn. lol I am going to have to start churning these things out a bit more quickly so will have to keep away from this bubble one for now. All up it took 8 100gm balls for the blanket & another half a ball for the edging. Not too bad. I only have 6 balls of the next yarn so need a pattern that will stretch it further. I hope the one I have found suits. (or it might have to be a smaller blanket cos I think it will be pretty!)

I gave away the baby ripple blanket yesterday. It is still my favourite. I didn't think it was good to give now but after the not so summer weather I decided the new baby would definitely get some use from it over the Autumn & Winter. I hope Annabelle likes it as much as I do.

Also been churning out a few more washcloths. I forgot to get a pic of those now though so you will just have to believe me.

I can't believe how busy it has been lately. Today was good though. I got to work for 4 hours today. That was quite good. Then it was home to use up the zucchini supply again. I made to bit soup pans full of Zucchini & Basil Soup. Stuart made this last week. It was good. So I have made a pot full to take out to a lunch tomorrow. Then I did a second pot full which I finished up until adding the basil & blending. I won't add the cream yet. We are going to freeze it as it for the winter. It was amazing though as each big pot only took 2 large zucchinis. So I did get a few used. Also a batch of Zucchini Bread which is a recipe I was given this week. That is just beautiful. More of a loaf really. But I am impressed as BJ has just been eating some. That is one way to get some zucchini in him I guess. Only problem after all that was that I went out in the garden & picked another 7 zucchinis & 4 cucumbers. Ha ha ha ha... Oh well, nice try to get the pile off the bench!

I hope you are all enjoying the start of Autumn.



Taylor Made said...

You have done such a great job...I don't think I could give it away after all that effort.

angelina said...

hello there ! look at you...all baby busy. i love the blanket. ive been looking at this bobble stitch here lately...seems you've got that good serge of energy happening. love ! xxx

Anonymous said...

It looks really lovely. I can't wait to see the next one.