10 March, 2011

Good Enough to Eat

I am calling this "Fairy Floss Throw". It reminds me of the bags of fairy floss (or cotton candy for the foreigners!) that you get with 3 rows of coloured floss in it. Yumm... This is my next baby throw that I had to start on Sunday after finishing the other one. This is a nice easy pattern too. Just a basic shell pattern that I found & thought might stretch my yarn out a bit further than the bubble throw did. Well it is going to be stretched thank goodness. I only have 6 balls of this one. I am on the third ball already. So it will be as big as I can go & that's all. But it is pretty. I love the colours. Definitely a girl blanket this one with the pink, lavender & yellow. I have a ball of white that I hope will look ok as an edging. I don't want to have to buy another ball of something else for that bit when I have it.

I just did a great sort out of my yarn collection. Wow. I have lots of the stuff that I got at Kmart 2 years ago, My Friends yarn. I ended up finding 7 bags of it in the cupboard so took stock of the lot so I know what is there. I really should use some of that up so I can get the lid on the box now. I haven't counted how many balls exactly but will later when I get a chance to put it all in Ravelry. That sounds a bit organised. But I need to make some space at home & sort some stuff out & make a bit of room about the place in the next month. Should be interesting. I think some more storage boxes will be on the cards.

Ok, I had better get back to the trains. It's been quite a day working on the railroad. I am getting quite good at track designing! Who would of thought! Happy Days to you!


Karen said...

Oooo your right Fairy Floss!! It does look yummy:-)

creative kate said...

Hi Mandy,
the blanket sure does remind me of fairy floss, so sweet!
Isnt it great to have soo much wool too
Kate :)

Anonymous said...

you are doing well aren't you. so much done already and so sweet