17 March, 2011

Fairy Floss Throw Finished

I'm really happy with this one! I love the colours & I love the pattern. It is a simple shell pattern in dcs & a dc border for one lap & a dc shell border for the second, in white. I really like the white around the edge. Still not happy with the edge on the Bubble blanket but oh well, sometimes you have to go with what you've got. This one used 6 100g balls of Magnum Soft Touch acrylic for the main & just over half a ball for the edge. It is almost as big as the Bubble blanket which I used more on. Having just folded them both up, this one is much lighter too. So I won't do a single crochet pattern again for a baby blanket as it is quite a bit heavier.

I am feeling very productive as I have sorted out all the yarns I have been given. I have even listed a lot of it on ravelry as my current. I really need to use up lots of it now. My work has just stocked wool so I am very tempted but will have to hold off on any until I use up some of this stuff. I have the next blanket in mind already - Lucy's Granny Stripe, but am still just finishing off some dishcloths. I will do a practice Granny Stripe with the short bits I have & make a dishcloth. Cloths are great for bits & pieces. I also have a load of bits ready to take to playgroup for glueing craft. That should be interesting. Have to find some colouring pages or something that they can stick wool bits on. I was given boxes of left over little bits of balls as well. Hmmm... I will have to see what I can come up with those for playgroup next. They must be able to be used somehow! I don't know how old some of the bits are but I bet they go way back to the 70's knowing from where they came! (some people really don't throw things out do they!)

Well that's another project done & baby present ready for someone. I would love this one myself, but we'll see. I think each time I do one I will love it & want it but must not get caught up in that. How many does one really need??? lol Happy Day folks...


Taylor Made said...

Another lovely blanket...good luck with the wool stash busting especially working amongst all the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

It looks so sweet, hard to give things away when it feels so nice. I'm sure the person it is going to will love it.