25 March, 2011

I'm Doomed!

I shouldn't have started knitting this little baby throw last Friday. It's opened up the whole box of knitting needles & now I have to use all of them! lol No not really. But it just got me started on knitting washcloths as well as crocheting them. So I have a whole new world of cloth patterns out there waiting for me.

But firstly, I did finish this little baby throw on Sunday. It didn't take long at all. I only had the 6 balls of Ninna Nanna in this Fairy Floss colour way again, so I could only go so far. It's quite small so I think I will need to keep this one for myself. I'm sure it will be a nice little pram cover or car seat cover for baby later on. Lucky for me it's a winter baby then huh? Cruising along in that department if you are maybe wondering. Just full of cold right now & you really notice not being able to take, or choosing not to take cold tablets to help you out through the day. So I am just crashing & taking it easy giving it time to pass. Hopefully tomorrow it's a whole lot better so I can actually get some jobs done at home.

In the meantime, I have been fiddling away with the knitted cloths. I started with the purple one which is basically the same pattern as the blanket above. Too easy! Then I did the yellow fish which is pretty cute. Quite simple & again is the same pattern as the rest so far. lol It's just amazing what you can find on Ravelry. Like I said, I'm Doomed!
This one is pretty cute. The butterfly just seems to appear which is cute. There are heaps like this available with pictures in them. They are pretty fun but you need to concentrate on your row numbers! lol Not so easy with a toddler wanting your attention constantly but I have had a good chance today with the butterfly so it wasn't an issue. Oh, the red & yellow one on the right is a crochet one again. Just one I was working on while out & about.

So there you go then. Stay tuned for the cute one I am working on today while veging out in front of the TV. I watched Eat, Pray, Love. Have you seen it? What did you think? Did you read the book first? I struggled with the book & must admit struggled a bit with the movie. It had a bits added that weren't in the book but it was OK & save yourself sometime & just watch it rather than read it. Will be much move painless! lol

I hope to get plenty done on the weekend, as I am am hoping I feel much better & able to do all these silly little jobs - some may say I am nesting. Maybe so. Who knows, but at least I have a good excuse to get some of these jobs done now that have been waiting. Happy Weekend to YOU!


Melinda said...

My sister read the book you mentioned, but wasn't impressed. She thought the main character was selfish and the book was a waste of time. It's a lesson though, in the power of Oprah Winfrey who recommended the book to everyone.

Full Little Tummies said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

I love your knitting! I am even tempted to get my needles out again! Perhaps some winter beanies for the boys would be nice. :-)

Taylor Made said...

Is there no stopping you...you are a knitting machine....great job and well wishes to you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

angelina said...

my friend your washcloths and blankets are so lovely. i use mine in the kitchen every day and think of you. i really loved the movie of julia roberts you mentioned. i'd never thought i wanted to visit india until... i would like to read the book. how are you feeling? hows that little baby? x