04 April, 2011

I'm Still Making!

I get told to sit & Make! Quite nice really. BJ thinks that if he tells me to sit & make then I am least hanging around where he is. He likes to have you around sometimes. Other times you get "Go away Mummy" instead. But I like when I get to Make! Last post I said I had a washcloth coming up. It is pretty obvious in the picture who it is. It is called the Furry Red Monster as the designer is smartly keeping away from licensed names I expect. So I did get my Furry Red Monster cloth for BJ done last Saturday. It's cute.

We had a little fundraiser stall at playgroup the other day & I put my dishcloths that I had been working on in it for sale. A couple went so that was good. All funds went to support our little group so it was good.

I am still working away on my Granny Stripe blanket too. It's a nice one. I really like doing this one. I haven't had the time like usual to do much of any of it though. I think I went almost 3 days without doing any hooking or stitching or anything. Yesterday I was having major withdrawals though & had to do something. I am getting through this yarn though which was the whole point. I can just about get the lid on the bin now. The best thing is that the scrap ends are going to make granny stripe washcloths. So nothing will be wasted. It turned out the one granny stripe cloth I had at the stall the other day went first. People like the colourful stuff I guess. We've been doing crazy things like playing mini golf. It's cooled off very quickly here in the last week so it was good to keep busy in the Autumn freshness, playing a silly game like silly golf! As you can see from this hole, it is quite a challenging course. We had a large group there for our Dad's 70th birthday. My group consisted of L-R, sister Roslyn, Stuart, & sister Judy. It was a whole weekend of birthday party.
Finally I got a chance to sit & do nothing. So of course I had a play on Ravelry again & found yet another scarf pattern & then after digging through more of my wool I started using this one. It's a varigated pink, purple, cream & brown. I really need some new scarves already if it is going to start being scarf weather this early. So what better way to use up stash.
Of course I am trying madly to use up some stash so I can buy more at work. There is such a lot of beautiful wool available but I have to be careful & not buy it all up without a purpose. So you know you have to keep searching Ravelry for more potential patterns. lol There is such a lot there it is amazing. If you aren't inspired to pick up needles or hook yet, then go browse around there & you will find hundreds of things you need to make.

Ok, must dash, yet another busy week. Actually I think April is going to be even busier than March so ekkk.... till next post...


Melinda said...

Your granny stripe is beautiful. I love the selection of colours. I'm one of those people who love the colourful stuff.

creative kate said...

I love all your projects Mandy.
That scarf is gorgeous with those colours too
Kate :)

Crochet dude said...

the granny stripe is cute what great colours.