19 April, 2011

Finishing Frenzy 2

Ta-dah... Finally finally finally.... where to start!

Wind back to last year sometime at work when a rep there showed us this cute fabric panel with trains. Well BJ is into trains & so I was like, Yes that is really great! So... then you have to wait for the fabric to come in to store which it did in March I think. Maybe even February! Ekkk... Well I got some, the train squares, the blue & the red. Love them all. I had the quilt top sewn together a few weeks ago but was delaying on the centre square.
You can see my centre square here - a gold train with Brandon written on it. Well the train was easy. I searched the net for train colouring pages. Found this one. Nice shape without all the detail stitched on it. Instead I thought I would put his name on it. Well that is backstitched & kind of goes down hill a bit which is a pity, but I wasn't going to attempt to remove it because if you are a stitcher of any kind you will know that black leaves marks if you remove it, especially in felt that is kind of fluffy like it. Anyway, it was done. So on the weekend, I have been able to take the time out to baste & quilt it all. I like stipple quilting & at first thought this wasn't going to look so good but I quite like it now. Last night I finished the binding & voila, one train quilt for the kid. But he can't have it yet. It is going to work first. Have to hang up my very amateur made quilt to help sell the trains. Well it worked before with my bug quilt if you remember that one. The fabric didn't last a week after that. So we will see what happens with the trains. It does help in store to have something made as a sample.

So I'm quite pleased with it, even in it's so not close to perfect state. BJ won't care later on.

On a side note, the train panels are based on record covers. I don't know if they are real ones or not but the print label on the fabric says "Artwork Peter Pan records & Cricket records for VIP exclusive". So that is pretty cool since are are record collectors! Whether they are real record covers or not, I will have to find out sometime & search but it's groovy all the same.

Happy Day to you...

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angelina said...

happy day to you mama! have a wonderful easter week! i love the quilt xo