18 April, 2011

Finishing Frenzy

I have been busy as anything working on so many different things it's crazy! For me it is crazy. I am not one to usually have a number of things on the go at once. In fact, with my cross stitching, I never did. But now I have crochet & knitting & embroidery & whatever else strikes me at the time, all going at once. So I have been trying to get some out of the way. I hate having them all floating around taking up space while they wait.

For a start, my Granny Stripe is done! Woohoo! I am really pleased with it. I used a bunch of cotton/acrylic mix for it. It is larger than cot size just, but I won't probably use it for that as it may be too heavy. But either way, I am keeping this one. I like it. This was a major one that I wanted to do to use up some stash with. I went through that box of yarn & recounted. I used about 25 balls so that is pretty good. Plus I can get the lid on the bin it is in now so that is a bonus! I still have lots of short pieces, as I won't start a new ball in the middle of a row. Hate the ends in the middle, so I keep the short bits & will use those to make into granny stripe dishcloths. The corner showing the edging. I like it! :-)
I did finish the Easy Drop Stitch scarf that I had in my previous post. I looks exactly like it does in that picture only without the knitting needle attached so I haven't bothered to take a pic of it done. But it is. Phew. It was easy.

Of course I started some new scarf right after that with some of the 2 ply lace that I got at work. It's so nice. I did struggle at the start of that as the pattern takes some concentration but I am cruising along with that now... Looking forward to getting a bit more of that one done.

Ok, stay tuned for a couple of other finishes this week. Hopefully I can be bothered with posting them!


melissa said...

Your granny stripe blanket is just beautiful, and i LOVE the idea of granny stripe dishcloths! What could inspire you more to wash the dishes! ( my least favourite job by the way!) Congratulations on a great finish! x

Anonymous said...

Well done!! That sure is a lot of stitching.

Sally said...

Loving all that colour. Superb.