25 April, 2011

Easter Chook (or 2!)

I had to try this Free Range Chicken from the Lily Sugar & Cream website. Ok, so it doesn't look anything like theirs! But... ummm... he is rather obese (slightly overstuffed!). Not good for a chook, but he did end up rather large. BJ doesn't mind. Also my chook doesn't have legs. I can't figure out the pattern for the legs. I started doing the claws & toes bit but even the bit I did, I really couldn't work out what I was even creating & the rest of the instructions I couldn't work out to get past that. So BJ got a legless chook yesterday. He doesn't know any better & he likes it as it is. Plus it sits this way. I didn't use the Sugar & Cream cotton like it says as I have a very limited supply of that & I don't really want to waste it on a toy right now! lol Oh the beak is all wonky on the picture as it keeps getting pulled open while he makes chicken noises so it will probably be a funny shape for ever! I was pleased with the wings & comb though. Very cute!
My other Easter activity was painting the spare room. It needed 3 coats in the end so I was busy with that. Got 2 done Friday & the last one on Saturday. You can just make out the colour which is a really light green (Alpine Mist by Walpamur). The chest of drawers we did 2 shades darker & it's called Fresh Peppermint so that look pretty cute in the room. Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of it. Oh & you can see me the fat chook below at 27 weeks along.... (& standing on a ladder! lol)

Hope your Easter & ANZAC day if you had that one too, was lovely & you had a nice break!


Chars said...

Very cute chook :)

Taylor Made said...

The chicken is very cute. Be careful climbing on ladders in your "condition".

Sally said...

Ooo... the baby's room???
You're looking fantastic. Much thinner than the chook ;)

angelina said...

finally!! a (sortof) belly shot ! pretty mama!! xoxoxo