20 April, 2011

Finishing Frenzy 3

I have another dragonfly cushion. This has been kicking around in the embroidery hoop for a month or so. I just worked on it when the mood took me. But this was my sign that I had too much going on! I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the thread the other week. Nothing worse huh? Very disorganised I was. I had it sitting on the desk so I could pick it up & do a bit here & there. Well, when the thread was gone & I was forced to tidy up & put stuff away in my search for it, I thought I definitely need to get some of these things out of the way & finished.

Well I didn't find the thread. Darn it. I have decided that it must have fallen in the bin next to the desk. Darn it. Maybe one day I will find it hiding away one day. lol

I am a bit addicted to these cushions even though this took so long. I wandered around work one day & matched some fabric with a skein of Threadworx threads. I really wanted to use this particular fabric & thought it worked well with the dragonflies since it is floral. So I went with Threadworx 1151 & this groovy fabric. See front... & below the backing.

Then a close up of the colours on the dragonflies. But... having used this stuff I was still nervous. You see, when you finish this off you need to see the cushion cover & then wash it to get all the marking of the pattern off. It's just magic that. But.... the Threadworx did run, just like I was afraid would happen. So I soaked it for a bit to get the bleeding out & then let it run out a bit more. Then rather than leaving it to dry I quickly dried it with the iron so it was only slightly damp. But then the knots in back were running so I had to stuff the inside with some paper towel to try to avoid a bit more run. But I got there in the end. It's not perfect as I don't think the dark green bits were going to stop running ever but I elimated the bleeding as much as I could. Phew... & it looks pretty spiffy & again, one of my favourites. I still think I really like the green version better but oh well, that is living on my sisters bed now. lol This one is now at work to show for a bit too. So that's all good. I don't know what I will do with it anyway except chuck it around the house. Hahahahaha...

I think I have run out of finishes for now. I have just started something else in the last hour while sitting here. I couldn't help myself, but I have to as it for Easter. I have until Sunday & I don't know how long it will take. Stay tuned for that... hopefully sooner rather than later. On a good note, I did do a stripe on my Rainbow Ripple blanket last night. It was nice to pick that up again. It's been about 5 months I think since I did some of that.

Have a great end of the week. Short one with a nice holiday break! Nice!


Anonymous said...

The cushion looks good! A bit scary when the threads start to run. That is always on my mind when washing cross-stitches too, but so far I've had no problem. Maybe those cottons have been washed prior to selling.

Chars said...

Cushion looks awesome - pity about the colours running.

I think if you put white vinegar in the wash water it prevents colour run? Google it for next time.

Hope that your famil has had a wondeful Easter.

hugs Chars