19 March, 2011

Busy Stash Busting

I have been working on & off on dishcloths over the last couple of weeks using bits & pieces, playing with some new patterns that I have found on line, some successfully & some not so. These are some of the most recent. I really had fun with the one on the right - my practice Granny Stripe. How cool does that look. So when I have lots of these cotton scraps left I will use them for this pattern. I think that was done in all ends so that was really cool. It sure is pretty. I am stashing a bunch of these away for a possible fundraiser thing some time down the track. They are nice to chuck in the bag & take away & work on when out & about.

Friday I had a day all to myself! How the heck did I manage that? Yeah I know. But BJ had his first day at family day care. I was at home pretty much most of the day - just in case. But he was fine. He was much to busy to miss me I think. I was much too busy too, so that's all good. lol I was starting my Granny Stripe blanket of course. This I am doing in cotton/acrylic blend as I have loads of it. (125 balls when I sorted it last week! lol Yes I need to use some & then I can get the lid on the box properly!) I don't find it terribly soft for a baby blanket but I will keep going with it anyway cos I love it. I may even change my mind about using just these 5 colours & add a whole bunch of others. We'll see. I am just worried that I will run out of all the nice colours & be stuck with the not so nice bunch. lol

While hooking away on the stripes I remembered the balls I had left of the Ninna Nanna wool. Soft & squishy & once more Fairy Floss coloured. Hmmm... what to do with 6 balls of this. So I did a sample crochet piece with it. It's really not going to go very far though so I thought maybe some knitting may give it a bit more size. So I found a pattern on ravelry that is really a dishcloth pattern but someone had made a blanket like this so I figured I may as well. So I am working my way up one side with 3 balls & then will work down the other with the other 3. It won't be huge but oh well, a little pram cover or something for some baby might be ok. It's nice merino wool & I really want to use it up. I will be very satisfied to have another batch gone & something to show for it so soon. lol

I need to stop looking at ravelry though - I have queued another 10 things probably in the last hour. (that was a good hour I could have been hooking or knitting!) There are so many great patterns out there. How cute are these baby moccasins? What about this pretty lace scarf that would lovely in the 2ply lace we just got in at work? It is worked short ways which appeals to me. The pattern book I was looking at had a chain of 300 something. Ekkk... I can count that far but I don't know if my chains will be correct so I think it will work across ways on about 30 stitches instead. I do like a challenge but I don't need one that big right now! We'll see how we go. No scarf or moccasins for a bit until these other things get done & I can get the lid on the box of cotton. That sounds fair I suppose. Mean of myself but fair. lol

Happy weekend. I have just made the yummiest cookies so my weekend will be very happy!

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Melinda said...

I have to agree that the granny stripe one is very nice. I loove bright cheerful colours.