24 December, 2010


Here are my versions of Henrietta Turtle, a pattern by Heather Bailey. I got the pattern at work ages ago. I finally made the brown one on Sunday for BJ. He has a bit of a thing for turtles at the moment & his was good to practice on. It wasn't hard to make, just looked it, because it is smallish & fiddly what with the legs & shell etc. The body insert between the legs makes it very fat underneath when you stuff it though so it doesn't sit on its legs, only wobbles on it's fat tummy. But they are cute all the same. Nice scrap project. I made these with bits I had. I have another one cut out for me as a pin cushion but I haven't got around to sewing it together yet. It will be a few days I imagine before I bother now.

For now, it is Christmas Eve. Little Christmas festivities on this evening but tomorrow will be a busy but lovely day I hope. Have a safe & Merry Christmas.


sylviesgarden said...

Love the turtles, so sweet.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

Catherine said...

The turtles are very cute. I hope that you and your family had a special day full of lots of fun, Merry Christmas. xo

Sally said...

They're so sweet. I love your fabric choices.