02 December, 2010

My Creative Space

Well this is a very drawn out affair of creativity! I cut out this doll a week ago. It was meant to be last weeks space! But I had to clear off my table first before I could get my sewing machine out. So I had 15 sets of blocks of various stages of completion that needed to be all finalised & packed. Turns out it took until Monday to do that. There was a lot of other stuff going on on the weekend, like supervising the play in the paddling pool & of course having buckets of water dumped on ones head, the rounding up of cow stuck on the wrong side of the fence, the selling of lemons & rhubarb on the road out front! So, having got through all the weekend excitement (& having made about $30 from surplas fruits - yay!) I still didn't get table cleared.

Then work Tuesday & Wednesday was another finish off day. My Christmas ornaments the other week were addictive & I decided I needed to do another 15. So they were all sitting around waiting for a finish next. So yesterday I did that.

& that brings me to today! Yay! The table is clear! I will be able to get the sewing machine out & will sew. This pattern comes with a face. There are 3 different faces available but the face is used from this one. It also has a pattern for making your own face. So that's what I am going to do. I need to dig out the felt & sew on a face. I think that will take longer than sewing her together. But I am going to work on her today. It's going to take a load of stuffing. She is really a pillow when done cos she is quite large. It will be fun to see what this Saffron Craig fabric comes up like when she is done. I got it at work. I hope she looks ok when done though cos she will probably have to sit at work for a while. We are waiting on new patterns to come in as it has sold so well. Actually I was excited to hear that there are spare faces ordered too. So I will definitely grab some of those & stash them for another couple. So stay tuned for a hopefully finished babooshka doll/pillow soon!

In the meantime while you wait, visit some other much more interesting creative spaces.


Full Little Tummies said...

Glad to know the silly season has hit your house too. I have been trying to make relish all day, but instead made something that resembles condensed tomato soup. No doubt it will still be useful. Your doll is going to be lovely!:-)

Angel.Pearls said...

Great to hear that you had to 'clear off' to reach your sewingmachine -that's creativity!! Love your babooshka dolls..can't wait to se the result! Eva

Sally said...

Oh my! That was a busy weekend. Good for you selling your surplus fruit. Great idea.
... and rounding up a cow hey? That sounds like fun.