11 December, 2010

Rocky Road

It's been a crazy, crazy week. Emotional rollercoaster to a point really or a very "rocky road" using a food name based on my cooking day, so the name seemed appropriate! Lots of good & some heck of bads... Anyway, today I have been doing some baking for a Christmas lunch tomorrow & also for an engagement party tonight. I didn't make any Rocky Road though.

These cookies are Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies. I found the recipe last year & finally made them this year. They are extra red as I only had red white chocolate. But they look pretty with all the candy cane smashed on them. & they taste alright too.

These are some Sesame biscuits that a friend gave me the recipe for the other day. They have almond meal in them. Yum. Taking those tonight. They aren't very Christmas like but nice all the same.

Also some very badly decorated gingerbread cookies. I don't have a gingerbread man cutter! Terrible! So I had to use all the others. They were fun though & taste pretty good. I have decided that Dutch nutmeg is definitely the way to go with nutmeg. Much nicer than other brands. I also have all the fixings for a Hot Cobb loaf dip which is ready to bake later. I hope it is as nice as the one I tried elsewhere recently.

Better go to the local Christmas parade now before the party tonight! She's all go around here.


Sally said...

Oh no... emotional rollercoaster doesn't sound good. Lots of lovely cooking. Are you okay???

Jenny Blair said...

You have been cooking up a storm! They all look so delicious...hope a little of the sweet things in life have balanced out the rocky road :)