05 December, 2010

Stash Busting Bunting

I decided yesterday I needed some bunting outside. Christmas bunting at that! But I didn't get it done yesterday like I also wanted. But did today! I used some Christmas fabrics from spotlight that I have had for too long. I didn't end up using as much as I would have liked though as the giant ricrac I had wasn't long enough for more pennants. Oh well, it is ok & will do the job for the month. It's weird though, as my stuff never looks as festive or fun as any I will see somewhere else. I wonder if they think the same about what they make & other peoples things are always nicer!

I also thought I would snap a shot of what looks like a bunch of odd shaped scrabble pieces. lol But these are the rest of the ornaments for friends & family for Christmas. Some will be place cards for dinner & then they can take them home. Thought that was a fun excuse to make them one each! One more handmade thing in the list of gift giving! But oh well, they were quite simple & not terribly time consuming compared to the ornaments I used to make every year!

Anyway, after a busy weekend of doing mundane work but with a little fun thrown in I wonder what interesting things I can achieve in the coming week crafty-wise. I have a plan of things to do but best laid plans can get very messed up with a toddler about!

Have a great week! I sure plan to!


Taylor Made said...

Even with a little bunting it must look brighter than it did before so I think that must be a good thing...I made my scrap Christmas bunting yesterday also.
Keep sharing.

Full Little Tummies said...

I love bunting! I always wanted to make some for our baby nursery, but have missed out on that now. Perhaps I could make some Christmas bunting instead!!! :-)

Sally said...

Your bunting looks fabulous - love the giant ric-rac!
Nice ornaments too.