03 December, 2010

Creative Space complete!

Wow, I actually got her finished. I spent most of the day running around but hand sewing on her face inbetween times. I eventually got that finished after dinner & when BJ went to bed it was out with the sewing machine. She didn't take long to sew together but she took much longer to stuff. She is about 40cm tall so a decent size that takes a lot of stuffing! (& you must not be tempted to put big chunks of stuffing in at a time to speed things along! I was very good!)

Well I am looking forward to making a couple of others of these. It was quite good fun & a quick finish. I will experiment some more with some fun fabrics! These Saffron Craig fabrics look cute though!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Very cute Mandy, I really like the bird fabric.

Melinda said...

It turned out lovely.

Karen said...

Aww that is cute, I like the bird fabric too!!

Sally said...

She is so delightful. The fabrics are ace...and her face super sweet. Good on you for not stuffing too quickly... I'm not very good at that at all. I'll get better. I will. ... really I will!