06 December, 2010

Snow Messy!

Bet you didn't know that it can snow inside too & it is just as messy as outside! But not cold! This morning was a bit of snowflake production. I'm getting ready for playgroup on Wednesday that's all! A bunch of scrap paper turned into circles & some of them turned into snowflakes. I even enlisted Stuart on a few when he got home just so I had something that looked a bit different to all of mine! At playgroup the aim will be that the kids just paint a sheet of paper blue & then put some of these on the paint. They should stick without glue to the paint to that is a bonus. We'll see how it goes. There are a bunch of spare circles so some mums can cut a bunch of snowflakes too. I thought I did more than enough for a start!

It's definitely silly season isn't it? Well it was here today, but I did get a lot done. Plus I have ummm.... 7 , nope, make that 8 lists I am currently working off! Ekkk... That helps keep my head in order a little cos it tends to sift out too easily otherwise! lol

Ok, I will leave you with some pictures I just found on the camera that BJ has taken today of bread! They don't look too bad really. Made me laugh anyway.


Sally said...

Loving your snowflakes! How did the pet rocks go?
BJ is a talented photographer... I love his use of depth of field. Well done indeedy.

Melinda said...

I like your snowflake idea. I caught a bit of a tv movie the other day, and they had heaps of big white paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, and I thought they looked pretty good.

Kirrily said...

Oh wow - thanks for the inspiration, and reminder of this simple activity. Yet another to add to my Christmas craft list for the girls to do once school finishes.