23 December, 2010

Christmas Baking

Ok, so it wasn't really baking for Christmas but a bit of an activity for a couple of kids to enjoy! I had my niece (8 yrs) over for a few hours to make gingerbread men. Of course BJ wanted to join in since she was doing it too & he copies everything at the moment. It was good fun. I was organised enough to have the dough made the night before. (miracles happen 4 days before Christmas after all! lol) I had fun watching them roll & cut. Of course BJ just thinks he is playing with playdough I think & just cut cut cut. We did manage to get a couple for him to stick mini m&ms on though. Not that he eats his cookies. But he had fun making them. Miss A also had fun I think. She had a box of men to take home. Some with m&ms & some with that writing icing decorated on them. She told me she was only sharing them with her friend next door. I wonder if her family got to enjoy just one each! You could tell they both had fun by the cover of flour & dough on their fronts & sleeves though!

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