04 December, 2010

Christmas Gifts Made Easy

Have you seen the website Madeit.com.au? If not, you should. It is a collective of Aussies that make great stuff & it is all sold in the one place. It makes Christmas shopping easy that is for sure.

I am really trying hard this year to make it a handmade Christmas where my gifts are concerned. It actually isn't that difficult. I have too many ideas! I have done some shopping on madeit but I have also been fitting in (somehow, & usually late at night!) some making of gifts. I am really enjoying it. It is certainly a challenge to avoid the shopping that would be so easy. It doesn't mean I don't shop mind you... I get to shop for things like fabric instead which is always a good thing, even if it is going elsewhere. lol




Now a bit of self promotion! lol But hey, if I can't do it here on my own blog where can I?

For my friends who know my blog they will know I make puzzle blocks for kids. (& big kids too! I have found most adults are more intrigued by these than the kids are! hahahaha... ) Anyway, to find my store at Madeit easily click on the madeit button on the right hand side. That will take you directly to me. I have been excited about the sales over the last few weeks, by people who are thinking early for Christmas - like-minded people who are shopping & the handmade line where possible. Keep in mind it is all top quality handmade items for sale.... not homemade but handmade! Anyway, I must admit I do a little happy dance each time a set of blocks is sold. I have been doing a lot of happy dancing lately! Check out my shop for something different. The pictures above are current sets available. Don't leave it too late! Aus Post need time to deliver your parcel in time for Christmas giving! I don't know how much more time I am going to get to work on more so grab a set while they are still available!

Have a great weekend & stay dry if you are in Aussie! It's pretty soggy at the moment! (but not here!)



Taylor Made said...

You go for it...there is nothing wrong with self promotion. I have just opened a Big Cartel Shop to try my luck ..it is hard putting myself out there though.

Sally said...

YAY. They're all so wonderful!
You are such a talent ... and I just know you're Santa's favourite elf ;)