17 December, 2010

It Must Be Nearly Christmas

The week has gone by in a bit of a blur with a number of Christmas parties, parades & other functions thrown in, not to mention the usual stuff! The Rocky Road of last week is smoothing out a bit now though. Just a few bumps now.

The last couple of days have been spent in mum's shop. She is away. So although I was there to work it was a good chance to get some jobs done! Ok, so I was in the shop but it isn't really busy in this weather, so I make sure I am armed with plenty of things to do. The first job was the babooshka dolls. I had promised BJ one a few weeks ago after he was disappointed he didn't get to keep the first one I made. He's so nice about the things I make. So he picked out some fabric right then on the spot & I have had it sitting waiting for time since then. Well yesterday the time came. I also had 2 more to make for Christmas gifts. So after much tossing of fabrics I was able to get their faces appliqued on first yesterday. Today I took my sewing machine to work with me & got these done completely. I was pleased to have that done with a week to spare! Hooray.

So 3 dolls all in a row...

It's times like these when you know what you do is worthwhile. I walked into the lounge with all 3 & BJ's eyes lit up, he put down his drink & started "ooohhing". Then said "doggie" since he picked out the dog fabrics for it. He took the doll & cuddled it & then said "Thank you Mummy". Awwww... bliss. My heart sings & my eyes well up. It was worth all the effort to make him a doll cushion! Just hearing that was lovely & the way he cuddled & squished it was just cute. Awww... He really does appreciate the things I make & always seems to treat them with care. Even if he never looks at it again though it was worth it for the giving... & it's not even Christmas yet.


I have also been determined to do at least one new Mill Hill ornament for the Ornament Tree. I have had little time to do the polar bear (from this year's Mill Hill ornament releases) but managed to get that finished off at work today after finishing the dolls. I went to work very prepared that is for sure! I can't waste a minute! I probably should take a picture of the whole tree of ornaments really, but this tree still isn't big enough for them all. I haven't got all of them on there yet. Just wait till I have finished all the rest that I have stashed to do still! I will need a 6ft tree I expect! I have 3 trees so far but will definitely buy one even bigger to get them all on eventually! lol

Work again in the morning for a couple of hours so I am getting another ornament ready to take along so I don't waste the time. I will be happy to get one more done this week.

Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

Very COOL Mandy!! The Dolls are so supa cute!! and your ornament is way gorgeous!! I loved looking at all the pretty little bits on that tree the other day!! hahah

Sally said...

Loving the dolls... and especially enjoying BJ's lovely reaction. Super sweet indeedy.
Good luck with the ornaments ... you nutter. Three trees and plans for more!!! I'm speechless ;)

Angel.Pearls said...

Tha dolls are so cute! Have a great weekend!/Eva

Anonymous said...

The dolls look beautiful,and I love the material with the dog on it. No wonder BJ picked it. He is certainly happy with all the things you make him.