16 June, 2009

What I've been up to lately...

If you missed me for the last couple of days, that is very sweet of you! lol I doubt anyone did but hey, I haven't actually been anywhere. Just had nothing to talk about for a change. But I have spent the last week knitting this scarf. It is with some wool that I got at Spotlight cos I liked it. I did a double rib as I call the K2,P2 pattern. I like it. Makes it thick & warm. I could have done with it a little longer probably but I didn't have any more of the wool, & a whole ball would have been too much so I didn't bother with getting more. Probably a good thing cos I can't imagine I would have gone to Spotlight & bought only one ball of wool so leaving the scarf at that length it has probably saved me a bundle. lol
I will move on now to another pair of socks or something. Oh I did do a cross stitch ornament on the weekend for the ornament challenge but I haven't worked out how to finish it off yet so I can't show you that yet.
I've been missing you, more than words can say,
And that I've been thinking about it every day,
And the time we had just dancing nice and slow,
And I said now I've found you,
I'm never letting go;
Missing You - Chris De Burgh

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