04 June, 2009

And then there were two!

Finally a decent picture of my feet showing off my socks! I actually finished the second one on the weekend, but haven't been able to get a pic of my feet in them properly until now. So here they are. They are the same but different. Very weird, but the colours in the wool went in the same places but the stitches must have been a little bit out to make the patterning go differently on the second to the first one. But I don't care. I am really quite proud of myself as I never imagined I could do it. But it really wasn't so bad after all! Plus they are really warm!

Nothing much going on here in this place today. Just a whole lot of rain & finally a bit of sun in which time we managed to get a dry enough time for some fun at the playground. Brandon is addicted to the swings & does not want to get off! Spent most of the day at the mower shop with mum keeping her company. Brandon just goes flat out in there the whole time & finally conks out. So many fun things to play with. He likes riding around the shop in the lawn mower trailer! Will post a pic some time of it. He grins from ear to ear. I did get some stitching done while he had a sleep though so that was a bonus. Better get back to it as it is almost done.
Empty as a garden in the summertime
Captured by the falling rain
Now the playgrounds standing still are empty
No one else comes out to play
Warm spring that never came
I never even knew your name
Fill me with completeness
Fill me with your sweetness
Now the sun has gone
Everyone's gone home
No one else comes out to play
Icy Cold as Winter - Swing Out Sisters

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Bronny said...

They certainly look toasty - and congratulations on the finish! I've never tried knitting socks...well done!