27 June, 2009

Banjo would like to introduce .......


Handy was my afternoon project today during nap time. Well someone finally had his nap! (no not Stuart, he was at work!) Handy is from the book Sock & Glove by Miyako Kanamori. I love it. It is one book I have purchased cos it is terrific. I also have the follow up one Happy Gloves. Handy is the same as the dog on the front cover of this book. Same but different (as we learnt on Sesame Street this week)! Of course it is going to depend on what sort of gloves you use. Handy is made from a pair of grey acrylic gloves that I grabbed at Woolies. The buttons on his face are "Oma Buttons". (Anyone who has an Oma will know what that means! lol)

Now I really need to go & do some knitting or stitching or something! If anyone is interested in joining the MSPCA just contact me! Oh, you don't know what the MSPCA is?

MSPCA = Mandy's Sewing Production of Cute Animals

Any donations in support of this worthy cause are greatly accepted. Hahahahaha...


If only I could have a puppy,I'd call myself so very lucky

Just to have some company

To share a cup of tea with me

I'd take my puppy everywhere

La la la la I wouldn't care

Then we'll stay away from crowds

With signs that say no dogs allowed

Oh we... I know he'd never bite me

We... I know he'd never bite me

The Puppy Song - Harry Nilsson

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Bronny said...

Oh my, your crafted pet collection is growing - such a lot of lovely work and all so cute too!! (I do like Banjo - very much!) Well done!