10 June, 2009

Birthday fun in the park

It's such a nice day today though the air is freezing, so we went to the park. I didn't realise quite how freezing until we were there of course so I was not organised enough to have the hat & scarf with me for either Brandon or myself. Either way, he loves it on the swing. He kept doing these excited squeals which you see in the first photo. The other 2 pics are just things that sort of boing a little. He was rocking them himself though so that was funny. He tried very hard to make them move harder & he didn't even fall off. We also went on the whizzy dizzy & some boys pushed us but not to fast. lol I did tell them I would be sick otherwise & they looked at me like I was really weird. (well I am weird so that's no surprise)
Ok, back to the kitchen again. Brandon is having a good sleep in readiness for his little party after.
Toodle -ooo, Mandy

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