26 June, 2009

The week has gone again...

I am well! I haven't been sick all week... just trying to catch up on some stuff after sleeping for a few days. I timed being sick well for the weekend. Stuart could at least look after Brandon.
I have got back into a bit of knitting. Almost finished the sock I started last week. Looks very groovy. My local wool shop had a sale this week so I did my bit & went in & saved her some stock to count. I did tell her I was thinking of her & being as helpful as possible! lol So I must not buy any more wool this season. I was excited as she now stocks the Kaffe Fassett sock wool. Yay! It is pretty. So I have that in 2 colours. Here is an Aussie site with them on there.
Kaffe Fassett wool I got 4251 & 4351.
I am excited as I finished off some sewing tonight but it's too late to post pics or even take one for that matter so stay tuned for the morning & I will show you something else I started last week & finally got done. It's cute! lol
Better go to bed cos Brandon will be awake soon no doubt! We are trying to get him to learn to sleep all night. Not going well with the few disruptions to the routine this past week...
Looking Out
Across The Night-Time
The City Winks A Sleepless Eye
Hear Her Voice
Shake My Window
Sweet Seducing Sighs
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009

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