03 December, 2015

The Return Of The Elf

December arrived in fine style once more...  Douglas our family elf arrived in the pouring rain...  Poor guy.  Anyway he's settled in once more... 

1st - Douglas arrived with parcels & a letter with news from the North Pole that there was a problem in the factory so Santa wouldn't have time to drop the pyjamas later in the month like he usually does. It was pouring that night...  we were grateful for the rain, but Douglas got rather wet it seems.  The table was covered in rain.   The name tags on their parcels were all smudged too.  lol

2nd - After all that rain, poor Douglas had a cold the next night.  Poor little dude, but he spent the day under his crocheted blanket & he came good.  

3rd - He got his crafty on!  He raided the craft cupboard for coloured paper.  (glad there is a stash of such things just for when the elf comes to visit!)    He has nicely decorated the fridge!  Looks pretty cool really.  He did a great job & the boys loved it!  Looks like the snowman fridge will be here all December.  


Anonymous said...

OH, poor Douglas getting wet. No wonder he got a cold. I hope he doesn't get into too many scraps this year.

Bron said...

Oh dear not a great start to his adventures...glad he looks better....must get too and record our adventures...doing ours a little different this year..now I have big kids. xx