18 December, 2015

Elf Days

13th - After Douglas made his post it note tree, he left a movie & popcorn under it the next night!  So nice.

14th - Douglas had a game of Snap with Action Man, Spider Man & Action Man 2.

15th  - Douglas made their lunches for school & daycare today.  Very nice of him to save me a job in the morning that I am a bit over.  I did have a little peek inside - to make sure there was enough for their lunches of course!  There was mini pizza, Christmas tree barbeque shapes, star shaped pieces of watermelon with grapes, jelly, a marshmallow pole & some Christmas confetti & an ornament!  How fun!  lol  (reports back in declare Douglas's lunches are much better than mum's!)

16th - Acting up & sticking stickers to the table.  Also raiding the marshmallows.

17th - Flying the coke can plane.  He also took DJ's Santa letter from under his pillow. Hopefully he takes that to Santa.

18th - A game of Uno Stacko with friends.

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Anonymous said...

Douglas is having so much fun he won't want to leave will he?