25 December, 2015

Bye Dear Douglas

23rd - Douglas was busy building a snowman!  

24th - Douglas finally got his summer holiday!  He made the most of the desert island diorama that BJ had from school.  He made himself at home with a drink, his surfboard & a towel.  Found some shorts & some sunglasses & he enjoyed his last summer night here in OZ.   

25th - Douglas has left, but gave us a gift of a photo Christmas ball & some pretty snowflakes.  

As tricky as it can be to share the house with another, we will miss the little guy.  He's been fun this year for sure, kind & definitely crafty!  I hope he is up to a return visit again in 11 months time.  

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Anonymous said...

We'll miss the little fellow and hearing about all the antics he gets up to but I'm sure he enjoyed himself very much. I'm sure he will be pleased when it's time to come back again.