12 December, 2015

Elf Games & Messes

8th - Douglas pulled the Christmas decorations out again!  Left them all over the place.  But he did put some of my nice old ornaments up on the shelf.  He was quite well disguised up there.  Was nice to see them though as they haven't been out of their box since we moved here.  I do wish Douglas would pack up after himself though.

9th - Games of Angry Birds.

10th - Douglas made a little bit of a mess but he was making things again.  Looks like he had fun & the boys thought it was pretty cool.  

11th - Ninja Douglas

12th - Post-it note Christmas tree?  


Anonymous said...

Douglas certainly keeps himself very busy and thinks of some wonderful things to do.

Bron said...

I cant believe how busy and creative he is being this year...hope he has enough ideas to get to Christmas Eve. xxxx