16 December, 2015


I got my borders on!  I am quite impressed.  Really pleased with it...  you can't see the design in the border fabric very well.  Hard to capture well.  But you can see the piecing design.  This is the most detailed piecing design I have done in an age.  I even quite enjoyed it & it didn't take long.  String/chain piecing goes quickly - lots of that going on in here.  But yes, it sure made sewing this together very simple.  I'm even pleased with my points as they are quite good.  There are flaws, but nothing that will be greatly noticeable to anyone else without then looking really really closely.  

Anyway, I'm excited that I got this one down in less than a week!  Don't know about the finishing off stages.  We'll see what happens.  I really need to pack up the craft stuff & do some housework.  More housework!  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much difference the white made between the squares.
I love the edging too.