05 December, 2015

Sew Over Excited?

So I'm addicted to table runners right now.  This one I made up.  I really liked the colouring for someone as a gift.  Had a couple of other colours but ended up scrapping those from this one & went with the simple 2 tones.  I feel quite clever & really like how it came out.  (need to baste & finish off of course...)  

Then...  after the one above in the newest French General fabrics, we got the Moda Candy in at work on Friday.  So I got a couple & a little bit more light.  I was then able to use the 2 fabrics that I didn't use in the one above.  One is the red I have bordered this with & the other will be the binding.  Not sure which one I am giving as the gift now.  I will wait to see if I wreck either of them in the quilting & finishing off process.  Then make a decision based on that.   Oh & this one was a free pattern from the Moda Bakeshop!  Such a lot of good ideas in there.  

A little fun today too as recently our neighbours cut down some Very LARGE trees.  They have created 3 snowmen out the front this week & today were dressing them up.  Our boys got to put their tinsel scarves on them all.  They aren't quite finished in this as they have since had their faces done, arms attached & buttons added.  They look terrific!  Oh & they have some lights attached too so blink all night.  Such fun for kids!  


Anonymous said...

How very clever to do that with the off-cuts. Hope to see the finished product soon.

Bron said...

Love that recycling fun ...nice the boys go t to join in . xx