02 December, 2015

Scrap Play

Been having a play today.  I need to keep of Pinterest again.

But I also have been rifling through the scrap box for the applique pieces for the mug rugs & have got annoyed at the pile of fabric in there.  So I decided to have a bash at this.  I have cut out copy paper to 8" squares & then sewn over the top with random width strips.  It's worked out quite well & made a lot of squares, but has not made much of a dent in the scrap box.  I think I will get at least two single bed size quilts out of the strips I have pulled out ready to sew more.

Tell me though - would you sew them as is or add a thin black line between them all?  I have decided which way I will do these (eventually) but wondering how you would finish it off!


Anonymous said...

I love the colours you put together. That must have been a puzzle on its own.

Bron said...

Amazing how we can accumulate so many scraps...love them the way they are. xxx