01 January, 2015

Thursday Thanks & Happy New Year

Based on the book One Thousand Gifts, I want to try to recognise more good stuff.  The little things maybe to some but for me, some special moments.  I'll see how I go...

  • Enjoying the New Year celebrations early with the boys.  
  • DJ's first fireworks & much excitement for him.
  • Hilarity watching DJ talk to the police woman he sat beside & told her all about his Batman shirt & other crazy things.
  • Catching up with a few of my cousins on New Year's Eve.
  • Amazed each time I see my cousins how great a bond we all have.  Such a special connection.
  • No pressure to stay up to see the new year in.  
  • A husband who is happy to cook dinner for us night after night.  
  • New creations for dinner that Stuart comes up with.  Not your average salad here!
  • Relaxed mornings of no rushing.  
  • Pyjama days.   
  • Fresh picked fruit in abundance.  
  • My three great Girls - A, D & T...  what a great support network, I couldn't do better. 
  • Unexpected gifts a week after Christmas!  What fun!


1 comment:

Bron said...

Awesome...how did I miss this.
So glad you have joined in...the world and our lives are full of things to be thankful for . great list to kick it all off. xxx