13 January, 2015

Learning New Things

Well I am amazed that I have managed to turn out the second piece of this knitted thing.  

Funnily enough, after our beach endeavours this week, I did have to wonder about the coincidence when this knitted garment's name is Low Tide.  Seems timely doesn't it.  

Anyway, I did have a bit of a battle with this side as well, first trying to get the hang of ready the chart opposite of the one I just did after having finally got my head around the first!  The main problem is that I can't "read" the fabric yet.  I cannot look at this & see which row is which.  So I had a problem when I had to try to fix something & couldn't so had to undo it all & start over.  Lesson learnt...  even with the trusty counter gadget, it isn't quite as trusty  as I need it to be.  User fault of course, not the fault of a perfectly good gadget!   I couldn't throw it out of the window though like I wanted as I was actually sitting outside.  

Lets see what happens in the next couple of steps.  It's getting harder...  

1 comment:

Janine said...

It's looking great :) I find the trouble with counters is remembering whether I've turned them or not - troublesome gadgets!