31 January, 2015

Taking Stock - January

Making :  Coleslaw - amazing as both boys are eating it without complaint, even with it mixed up & with dressing!  
Cooking :  Crumble burgers...  I can't seem to make them stay in one piece.  lol  
Drinking :  Water with cut lemons in it.  
Reading:  Life after Life - Kate Atkinson
Wanting:  cool nights so I can sleep!  
Looking: at different patterns for my next knitting project
Playing:  Candy Crush..  sigh...
Deciding:  what colours to do the next crochet blanket squares in my group.
Wishing:  the summer holidays were longer.
Enjoying:  Knitting this cardigan thing.  It might even work out!  
Waiting:  For Easter holidays.
Liking:  making strawberry spiders at home for us.  
Wondering:  If BJ is going to find the start of school difficult or not
Loving: the laziness of the holidays from school & routines.
Pondering:  the effort needed next week in making school lunches again...  
Considering:  What interesting things I can include in a school lunch that doesn't come in a packet!  
Watching:  Revenge season 3.  Almost finished.  
Hoping:  that work gets busier soon.
Marvelling: at how DJ is growing up & comprehending so many new things...
Needing:  to cover school books.
Smelling:  Partylite candles  - White Cedar & Cinnamon Sparkle are favourites right now.
Wearing:  new bras by Intimo!  Get yourself these!  Awesome comfort!  lol
Following:  My 2 blog friends & watching their children grow up so quickly...
Noticing:  how outside it seems to have signs of Autumn already!  ekkkk...
Knowing:  the first day of school is going to be hard for BJ. 
Thinking: quite a number of days after the first day at school will probably be just as hard.
Admiring:  Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year.  Can't imagine doing what she is doing after losing a child.  
Sorting:  toys, craft, stuff to sell, give away or throw away.  
Buying:  as little as possible
Getting:  new yarns at work, can't wait!  There is more to come! 
Bookmarking:  new patterns to knit
Disliking:  too hot.  Mild summer days are good.  
Opening:  parcels of yarn this week at work, new ones & old ones.  Such fun coming into new season knitting.
Giggling: at my friend's auto-correct error.  lol  Can't tell you sorry.  
Feeling:  tired
Snacking:  chocolate & treats from Christmas
Coveting:  All the beautiful yarns out there in the world that I don't have any of!
Helping:  DJ learn to write his name
Hearing:  Tennis

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