12 January, 2015

Another Day, Another Beach

If you read here the other day, you would have seen we went for an unexpected paddle at the beach.  We are so blessed to have the magnificent beaches that we do right on our doorstep.  

This is a different beach than the other day but all so close.  Stuart & I even went in today.  It wasn't a "swim" per say...   the boys didn't swim, just jumped & walked into the waves,   Stuart & I were there for the hand holding, the help in jumping.  Building the confidence of both as they make their way into the biggest pool they can imagine.   No hurry, they don't need to swim about at all.  Just watching their simple enjoyment of the little things in spending time with us is all they care about right now.  

(All well covered...  Stu is just a little more than necessary but you need to keep covered here.  If we didn't we would be bright red in half an hour & in agony from sunburn for a week.  Extreme UV here... Also covered in sunscreen on exposed skin!  lol )

Beautiful isn't it?  & only 3 kms from our home...

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Bron said...

Awesome.....there is so much more to beach outings than just swimming ....we should never take fir granted the beauty on our doorsteps xxxxxx