09 January, 2015

Knit Sticks Are Go

Well I picked up the needles again the other day.  It was just too hot to sit under the crochet blanket I am trying to finish.  

Soooooo.....  after putting this pattern away numerous times, I decided to give it a go.  It's unusual.  I should take the advice I give to customers at times - don't read the whole pattern in too much detail before you begin it.  Just the basics.  Otherwise it puts you off & it all sounds too hard!  

So I did this a lot.  But now I figured, I need to try.  I can't let it win.  That's the problem.  I have to prove to myself a little bit that I can, I think.  I also need to learn new things.  

Anyway, this is part one.  I managed to finish the first piece.  Third time lucky though as I figure it all out.  As long as I read the chart correctly & then figure out what they are trying to say, I should be right.  But don't read any further than what you are up to. 

We'll see if it continues to happen or not.  


Bron said...

I guess the freshness of a new year wil help...good luck I am sure you are more than clever enough to get the job done

Anonymous said...

It looks very interesting and will be good to see how it comes out.