04 January, 2015

1/52 - 2015

A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - first time at the public pool.  So confident in the water & having a great time! (until your eyes went bright pink & sore as anything!)

DJ - tries so hard to have a turn of Mario but doesn't quite manage yet, but looks the part with how much he is concentrating.

Joining in the 2015 project.  


Bron said...

Great first pics...by the end of the year BJ will be a super fish and DJ will have totally mastered that technology.

Anonymous said...

It will be lovely to see Pictures from week to week. They grow up so fast.

Appleshoe said...

love the looks on both of their faces. I'm not liking the bit where they grow up so fast. Someone should have warned us about that part of motherhood ;)