18 September, 2010

Vegies At Last

Ok, not vegies quite yet, but the seeds are planted. We haven't had much luck so far getting the seeds in the ground plus it is probably too wet still. So I have cheated this afternoon & planted the seeds in egg cartons. BJ helped so I have no idea how many silverbeet plants are going to be in each egg space. lol But at last something is planted & might get a chance to grow if they don't get eaten. I really can't wait until we have some crops to pick again. It seems an age since we were harvesting anything & I'm sick of buying it all. I have been using the seeds from the Lost Seed. They seem to be very good. Plus there are hundreds in a packet! They will last & last. Anyone want to do a seed swap? lol They have an expiry of 2012 so they will last next season as well at least. But really there are so many they must go to waste which is a pity! Hopefully we will get a couple of plantings in over the summer too though of some of our veg.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you maybe.


Bellgirl said...

yay for seeds!! I have a reputation for trying to palm off seedlings to everyone I know when I plant seeds- a few people in the office usually feel sorry for me and adopt some :) Welcome to the Veg About!

Bellgirl said...

P.S that's quilte a list you've got there now, you're in for a feast in a few months!

Sally said...

YAY for a start... won't be long until the weather warms up. Dave and I were in the car listening to the radio last thursday and we heard the forecast for Tassie - just 10 degrees!!! OMG!