10 September, 2010

Crafty Dilemma

I've been a bit quiet lately. That's because I am not doing anything! Mojo left! Yep he did. Darn it. I have lots that I want to do though! Like my animal embroidery quilt. But the problem there is that I keep changing my fabrics as I am still not entirely happy with them. I think I have too much choice & that is the problem. I want to start cutting fabric but I am not entirely into it yet, so think I should leave it until I really really want to get stuck into it, for fear of totally stuffing it up & ruining it. Better safe than ruined animals.

I want to make a crochet ripple blanket like Lucy's! I did a sample piece a while back. I am not sure what I want to use for this though. Do I use my stash of acrylics that I have used for lots of other stuff. I love the colours & will need to buy the odd ball here & there as I go but do I use that or some nice wool that I don't own!

Do I work on a few simple things like some grannies squares or hexes or something? I want to do that too but again, what do I use for it if I do.

I need to get a couple of small cross stitch pieces done too. That is limited to nights once BJ is in bed though cos of all the bits I need to drag out for that. I don't want him getting into the needles & stuff that that includes. I use too many needles at a time for that. I had problems with a young puppy once & my pins & needles! Ekkk.... That was an expensive silly puppy moment. Although I don't expect BJ to eat a thread with needle attached, I don't want to be finding needles all over the place either.

I could do some more socks, but during the second one of the plum socks I really lost my mojo with being sick, bad back etc etc, & although I did eventually get it finished I don't think tackling a sock right now will go well without some mojo to visit. Who knows what shape it would end up!

I really want to do some embroidery, like my animals. I really enjoyed doing them. But I don't really have any to do at the moment. Actually I do I suppose, but I am lacking the mojo needed to find some fabric & getting started on them.

I think I am leaning towards a ripple blanket you know! I will have to go & pull the colours of one brand of acrylic I have. I have another brand that is 8 ply too, but quite a bit thinner so I think I will leave it out of this one. I got away with it on the dottie angel blanket in the end & you can't tell if you don't know that it is different. But for the ripple I think I need it the same. So maybe I will need a couple of new colours to start that off. Darn it. We'll see, but I do need something more mobile & easy to pick up. I don't know how mobile a blanket will be once it grows a bit but we'll deal with that if & when it happens!

Well I will see what the day brings. If it is anything like yesterday it will be a quiet day of only cuddling the kid & wiping his nose all day! He really doesn't like anything on his face & hands ever so if his nose is a little runny I have to wipe it fast! Apparently he gets that from me! hahahaha...

Is it going to be sunny on the weekend or more of the wet stuff? We really want to get into the vegie patch! It's going slow out there. That will take priority over the crafty stuff. I got a collection of herbs last week so need to get them planted before they all die on me.

Whatever the weekend brings for you, I hope you have a great one, crafty or other!


Taylor Made said...

I think just go with the moment and if that means no sewing then so be it...it will return . You obviously need to spend energy and thought on other things right now.Have a lovely weekend.

angelina said...

yes, i agree..just relax until the notion strikes you. sometimes, its great just 'thinking' about what you want to make, it is so exciting making an inner mental list i find ! happy weekend to you friend ! xoxo
ps...i reckon heather ross will help to get you off your bum !;)

Sally said...

Oh yes... we really must get onto that ripple blanket... I too am not sure what I want to do about yarn for this one. I haven't bought any specifically for the project yet though. My opinion on yarn these days is that if it will need to be washed regularly (i.e. be used by the children) then go with acrylics but if it is something that I am hoping will last a life time then I tend to favour wool. Ahhh... too many decisions!!!