20 September, 2010

It Is Finally Spring

Today has been the most terrific day! In all ways. I got to sleep in for one thing! Stuart has an RDO today so it was very lazy for a Monday. We did get a little gardening done on top of yesterdays efforts. We also went for a walk to get the mail. We ended up playing in the playground for an hour with a BJ that was kicking & screaming not wanting to leave. The weather is just perfect today. I don't want it to get hotter though. Like this would be just lovely for the rest of summer. Just nice enough to not roast or melt outside! lol

Anyway, this is a little update pic on my rainbow! Fourteen rows of pretty rainbow colour! I love it. I did say I was going to get another two colours to add to it. I did get them but didn't add them. It wasn't going to work for me adding more. If I added another shade of pink or green I would have needed another shade of blue too. & so the problem began on where to find the balance. I decided I had the right balance with the 7 colours. It's good. I think so anyhow.

I also got the tape out to measure it. It's 150cm wide. Wow! So there you go, in case you want to do one too, it is 255 stitches using 8ply Magnum brand acrylic & a 4.5 hook. Should be nice & snuggly eventually. Hopefully the evenings don't warm up too quickly though once it starts getting bigger! The weather isn't going to ever suit a person is it! hahahaha...

Now these pics I just have to add cos they are great. Ok, the photography isn't so great but the story they tell is.

BJ & Juneau spend a lot of time together outside. Juneau gets fed up at times with the kid & will keep away if she is over it but they are also good buddies. We still have a supply of apples in the shed. BJ likes an apple. He doesn't much like the peel though. So he bites it off & gives it to Juneau. They were out here on the step yesterday for over half an hour with this apple. Juneau ended up with half of it in the end & BJ wanted another one. No idea what happened to that one, but no doubt Juneau ate that later on too. I think Juneau is missing the supply of apples falling from the tree more than BJ is. Hahaha... I just noticed on the first one that Juneau is poking her tongue out! That was sneaky. Probably sick of me taking pictures of them & getting caught out sharing that apple again!

Have a great week!


angelina said...

wow . what a beautiful pup... wasnt today the best day EVER. here's to a lovely spring xoxo

Jenny Blair said...

Our autumn is happening here...and i'm getting to that reminiscent phase of wishing i'd appreciated those warm summery days that little bit more :)
Enjoy your spring days...they're the BEST!
Love the story of your gorgeous boy and his buddy! What a sweet little thing they've got going :)

sylviesgarden said...

Such sweet pics!
I'm loving your ripple. Still considering joining the tree CAL, I don't want to commit and then not be able to do it.
Take care x

Bellgirl said...

I love the zigzags- and the tongue poke!

Sally said...

Oh your ripple blanket is fantastic. So beautiful. Seven colours is just perfect.
And BJ is so cute sharing his apples!!!

Out of interest - what was the temperature today???