11 September, 2010

Crafty Dilemma Continues

Yesterday I had a little play on another practice piece of the ripple pattern. Ok, it's easy to manage I think. Except for that rotten first row! Grrr. & If I make it big, how am I ever going to be able to keep track of the number of chain stitches. That is the bit that has put me off for so long. I did go & get 4 colours of acrylics to do the blanket with though. So that was enthusiastic of me. I also stopped by the second hand kids shop while I was near it (it's over the road from the wool shop!) & found BJ a cash register. He loves playing shops. He spends a lot of time in mums shop to know what the people do when they come in. The hand money over the counter & take something home. So Grandma or myself spend a bit of time there at the shop counter playing shops. When I turned up there with his own little cash register he was rather rapt. It continued for quite some time at home & then again when daddy got home. It makes beeping noises & all. It didn't have the plastic credit card with it that you swipe through but he has one of my old drivers licences which he plays with & that makes a good pretend credit card. It's very clever. Anyway, I am a bit sidetracked...

I forgot one of the things I want to do on my list yesterday. It is really calling me! It's crazy how many hexagons I have seen lately. Quilted or crocheted. Not so many in knitting but plenty of the others. They have been following me around for a couple of months now. Just now, on this bright & cheery Saturday morning, while I am being forced to keep quiet & not wake everyone else in the house (after a long night with a terribly angry & cranky child) I have been surfing & clicking on some blog lists of some of my favourite bloggers. (ok spoke to soon - kid started bashing on the wall!) It is amazing once you start clicking away what you will find. This is what I found! A hexagon tutorial. In a few parts. Cool! I don't really need this cos I could find out for real at work. I will do these sometime. I really want to learn how to do these properly. I have lots of scraps of course to make use of it. (A friend & I swap scraps. So I have a bunch of cool scraps to play with as well as all my own bits.)

Anyway, now I have finally got this posted - it all went cranky on me & thank goodness for it autosaving as drafts, I can now go & move about the house freely as the boys are playing shops now! (told you it was a hit!) I already played shops too you know & it's only 9.30am. Time to move on to the mundane tasks of a weekend.

Have a good day in your crafty world or not so crafty world if you too are on the mundane tasks first. I think I need to go to the library to pick up Heather Ross Weekend Sewing, before the weekend is over. Unfortunately I think the local footy is over for the year so I won't get my couple of hours to play anymore while the boys go there! Maybe I can get the interested in local cricket! Ok, I will turn off the drivel button now...


Sally said...

Yes... you really must encourage them to go watch the cricket! ... and perhaps it is time for BJ to learn to play golf? (a game that I totally don't like btw - but it would give you lots of free time!)

So you're going to use four colours for your ripple blanket? ...or you just got four more?

That hexagon tutorial looks good... there are a lot of hexagons out and about these days - so tempting. So very very tempting - but perhaps I'll leave it to 2011!

Glad that you at least had some peace and quiet this morning to collect your thoughts and seek inpsiration.

Take care.

ang said...

thank you! the little birdie pattern kit we bought at a craft shop in penguin !! xo

Bending Birches said...

good luck with all your beautiful endeavors!