19 September, 2010

I'm Going To Crochet A Tree

As you do. Crochet trees that is. Why not? I have green yarn & I have buttons. I really need to use some! So I will. I will join in the CAL (crochetalong) just for the heck of it. Looks like fun. I haven't looked at the tree pattern yet though so I hope it's easy enough. Want to play along too? Just visit Crafting with Cat Hair! (I could have been the crafting with dog hair blog!)


Karen said...

Hey that looks really cool - I like it:-)

sylviesgarden said...

I love those tress but have never got round to making one.
I will put it on my to-do list.

angelina said...

that tree is awesome.
i made some trees last year from jacks old knitted green sweater felted (woops) and then french knotted on some colorful 'balls'. :)

Full Little Tummies said...

That's so cute!!! :-)

Joan said...

I have finally run out of UFOs well hand stitching ones anyway. So I have the trees downloaded and some wool from "they who must not be mentioned" Thanks for the idea Mandy