13 September, 2010

Dorothy Day

Well BJ had his big sleep & that meant this morning it was time to go to see Dorothy. It took a little while to warm up to his first concert though. It was too loud already before the show even started. Luckily it was only going to last an hour! He got better as soon as he started to take photos himself. He likes to take pics.

Anyway he was happy by the end & finally sat on his chair. lol So his first concert was nearly a success!


Sally said...

Oh wow! Good on him. I love taking pics too. Are those his photos that you've posted? They're very good.
We haven't braved a concert yet... I suppose we should one day.

Kelly said...

I took Elijah to see Dorothy's Dance Party when he was 8 months old - omg he was so excited - I had tears in my eyes - I didn't think at that age it would be worth the expense but he loved it!