12 September, 2010

It Had To Happen!

I caved last night & started the ripple blanket of Lucy's. It took some time to work that bit you see. Like I expected, the chain & first row were difficult. ( & took 2 hours I think!) I was trying to help myself out a bit with stitch markers on the chain as I went. I needed 255 stitches on my chain. I thought I had that of course. Well on the first row it turned out I didn't so I had to fudge the end to fit the stitches I needed. I have already learnt to check the rows a bit as I go. I am doing some, going back & looking & adding a stitch marker so I know where I have checked up too. I did the first row of blue & had to undo a bit as it didn't work out so of course I learnt that way. It isn't going to be quite the no-thinking project I was hoping for but it is going to look nice I hope, when it is done! It will take awhile. With long rows, it will feel like it is taking a long time.

I did laugh reading this quote in the book Back on Blossom Street the other day.
"Why do people who love to knit complain about knitting a row
with 1200 stitches & not about knitting 20 rows with 60 stitches?"
-Candace Eisner Strick, author of Sweaters from a New England Village,
Beyond Wool & Knit One, Stripe Too

I thought this quote quite valid after hooking for 40 minutes on one row. It means progress will seem really slow to me for sure. But I am not the only one that thinks that way obviously!

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Lillabilly said...

One of these is definately on my to-do list so I'm interested to hear all of your tips and can't wait to see how it turns out. Love that blue and green!