26 September, 2009

We've been busy playing

It is pretty cool what you can do with big boxes! Well Brandon thinks it is cool anyway! The other day I was trying to think of something to do with all these big boxes we have on hand in the lawnmower shop. Well a cubby house was the logical start. We started off the week with only 1 box & later in the week we put an extension on. It may get bigger later on... We also draw on our boxes to decorate them but you can't tell from the picture.
Brandon found these safety glasses somewhere in the office! He is sitting on one of the ride-on mowers in this picture. Unfortuantely he worked out how to get on the seat this week. So he will sit up in the window & chatter away & wave to people as they go past. I did get a couple of ornaments finished though, inbetween building cubby houses & playing games. Frosty is the last in the series which included Peace, Jingle & some others that I did a while back. Sara Snow is the little lady snowman with her pretty tree. Amazing how some interesting way of doing crosses makes the tree look really fancy, not that you can tell from the picture but it is quite cute! Terrible picture I'm sorry, but again the snowlady is white & glares at the flash.

Footy finals day & I don't really care much. I am looking forward to getting some time at home this afternoon I think. Mum comes out of hospital today so that is great.

I hope your team wins! Mine won't! lol

We're the happy team at Hawthorn,
We're the mighty, fighting Hawks,

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