14 September, 2009

Our Amazing Race was a success!

Things have been pretty busy here! We were organising a big party for family & friends to help us celebrate our birthdays! Pressure is on when interstate family say they are coming!

A few months ago I came up with the idea of a car rally for it. Then it turned into an Amazing Race version sort of. So I adapted a few things from the show the Amazing Race & put them into our own local version.

We had our party yesterday. We have 28 big people & 6 little people so that was nice considering I didn't think I could ever find that many to come to a party for me! lol We had a total of 10 cars driving around doing it so that was fun to watch!

It included some quiz sections for around our town. Also it included some activities that the participants/contestants had to do. Since my crafting has been on hold the last few days, plus I have a huge head cold I will post a few pics here over the next few days. Each group was asked to take a camera along for a couple of the sections & take pictures as evidence. I hope to get more photos from others over the next few days.

The following photos are from Race leg 7. Leg 6 sent them to our place to find the marked box (proper Amazing Race speak that is!). The marked box consisting of a bucket with balloons tied to it (well it is a party & balloons are obvious aren't they?) had clue 7 in it. It asked that they use what was in the bucket to leave us a message on the driveway. The bucket had pavement chalk in it. They had to use all of the colours in their message. This is where you see who takes notice of what is written. It is easy to see why the teams on the tv show get caught out for not reading clues properly. We weren't quite so harsh on those that didn't follow what the clue said exactly!

Stuart fortunately was able to make it home in time to take these pics of the complete driveway messages. It poured while we were continuing on with the party & by the time we got home just a couple of hours later there wasn't a sign of any of it left!

Stay tuned everyone for some more pictures of the Amazing Race.

Keep writing on the walls of the bus & train
cause people gotta know you got a name.
Boogie Boys

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Sandy said...

What a cool party idea. I'll look forward to more pictures :)