03 September, 2009

It's official! I'm old!

Yep I am 40 today! Hip hip hooray & all that jazz.

Not a different day however, as it is just the usual stuff, though I have one kid who is coming down with something, one hubby in bed with one of his special colds or whatever. I do have mum's group here today too. So it won't be anything exciting today. I was stitching this morning at 8am which was a real treat. If I go vac now I might get to sit & do a bit more of adding beads to Santa. Yes more Christmas! lol

Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday,
With Love from me to you
May your wishes all come true
Happy Birthday - HI-5


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Mandy :)

Bronny said...

Happy Birthday Mandy - special days as a Mum are grabbed when you can. It's a Special Day because it's YOUR Birthday - enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

very good have a lovely day