04 September, 2009

Jingle Kringle

Even with a birthday yesterday I managed to get some stitching done! Yay! That was a lovely birthday treat I must say. This Santa is yet another Mill Hill kit which I got locally only last week. I wasn't going to buy it but they let me have it for half price so I took it. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise as it isn't an ornament but a little box. The box came in the kit too. But it is really nice so I was happy to have it of course. I started the stitching on Wednesday night while everyone else was in bed early. Bonus early birthday treat for me! Hehehehe.... I got the beading finished inbetween other stuff yesterday. So there you go. Jingle Kringle from the Holiday Simple Treasures IV series. Sorry the pic isn't so good but the white & crystal beads glare...

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle
You will hear my sleigh bells ring,
I am old Kris Kringle,
I'm the king of Jingling.
Jingle, Jingle Jingle - Christmas song (Chappell & Co)


Anonymous said...

You are very industrious

Anonymous said...

Just practising really you do very well with everything