31 October, 2017

Taking Stock - October

Making :  Christmas & birthday gifts.
Cooking :  butter chicken.  A favourite of the boys.  
Drinking :  Nespresso at home, cos I can.  
Reading:  The second Wishing Chair book to DJ.  
Trawling:  hallmark.com
Wanting: someone to cook our tea every night!
Deciding:  on how to do my front fence.  :-)
Enjoying:  knitting scrap socks.  They don't look scappy which is cool!  
Liking: our Random Act of Kindness in the park.  
Pondering: sock scrap combos
Considering:  Christmas
Buying:  DJ a new scooter since we gave his away.  
Watching:  dare I say it?  Just started Gilmore girls from the beginning again.  Marvelling: at how the boys have taken to drawing Tas Rocks & sharing them.  
Cringing: at the new technique I'm trying.  I figured it out but not loving it so will leave it now I conquered it!  Will use the wool in something else now!  lol
Needing: some more rocks to colour in.  
Smelling: Easy Air, oil blend to help clear my nose...
Getting:  my own Samsung tablet!  Yay!  & it's free!!!  Whoop whoop!
Celebrating: a new baby boy right next door!   
Embracing:  the painted & hiding rocks craze. 

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